My boyfriend’s birthday present!

In November my boyfriend turned 18. It was also his golden birthday so I decided I wanted it to be big! I searched through Pinterest (as all projects should be started with) and found several ideas that looked like fun! Eventually I came up with a huge combination of projects and made it into a scavenger hunt! But not just any scavenger hunt, this was an 18 stop scavenger hunt that had presents at each stop! This is how I did it.

First I made this..


I gave him this folder informing him about his “Birthday Mission” and made the mission seem like a Secret Agent theme, which I kept through out the entire scavenger hunt. Inside the folder was a piece of paper telling him what to do and his first clue.


Which were all placed in envelopes and labeled. I don’t want to bore you with what was at each stop so I will just explain some of the more creative stops.

One of the stops was a a bag of coupons that said things like:                                          “Free you choose movie date”                                                                                        “One dessert only date”                                                                                                      “One free back massage”                                                                                             …… and so on. I glued these onto colorful sheets of paper and one of the stops was finished!

Another stop was one that might only work if you live in an or can go to an area that you can shoot things. I set up a bunch of balloons that had candy holding them down. The next clue was taped to the back of one of the balloons, so he had to shoot down all of the balloons to find his next clue. (This was his favorite stop, as it would be for most boys!)

One of the stops that I loved putting together I borrowed directly from Pinterest!


This is fairly simple, as you can see. This is the picture from pinterest but mine was very similar. All you have to do is write 18 reasons why you love them or are dating them and put them into envelopes. I glittered glued the outside of each envelope and put them all in a container I bought from Dollar Tree. Tah-Dah, another stop down!

Those we are all of the creative ideas I used for his gift. More of the stops included small things like bag of fake cigarettes and fake tattoos because he’s a “legal adult”. Other stops were just some things that he wanted like a sweatshirt or video game. Hope this helps you come up with some creative ideas for a loved ones special day!